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Church of KorattyMuthy Estd – 1381 AD – Main Events

The history of this church goes back to 13th century. A funeral procession of KAVALAKAT KOCHUVAREED. The chieftain to Pakkatty illam was on its way to Ambazhakadu church. Because the ruler of Kodassery objected the burial. They returned to Koratty and rested for a while. The coffin got stuck to the ground. The ruler of the locality, Pakkatty illam, permitted the burial and construction of a church donating sufficient land.

A poor pilgrim from Meloor, a nearby village was on pilgrimage to Koratty with a full bunch of poovan banana as offering to KorattyMuthy. On the way a land lord saw the bananas and demanded some. The poor pilgrim denied. Furious land lord forcibly grabbed and ate. This caused stomachache. No medicine could cure. Realising his folly, the land lord offered 40 acres of his Palathuzhy field and gave a small golden replica of poovankula to KorattyMuthy which is now used as symbolic offering during festival.

Before the Koratty angady railway station was erected, on a feast day of KorattyMuthy, a train halted miraculously. The passengers took part in the feast of KorattyMuthy and returned. Then only the train started. No mechanical trouble could be detected. This miracle paved the way for the Koratty angady railway station.

The Madura coats factory is believed to have been constructed at the land which was initially assigned for an airport. Because of regular inervention of Amadonna KorattyMuthy with child Jesus, the work could not be done. The idea for airport had to be abandoned. In that place the factory situates.